Winter Native




 Welcome to February. Welcome to blues, grey and dirty snow.

Welcome to the world that prepares us for Spring.



We wait for snow in Utah and when it doesn’t come,

we bow our heads and raise our hearts to Heaven,

and fast (fasting) for the water to fall from the sky in any shape,

form or size. Some winters we speak to God less

about the snow and other winters of draught, we

plead. This winter has been good to us. We don’t

live with alot of green right now. Its covered in white,

but we know its there,

 just as we know that God lives. Not because we can see it, but

because we can see everything else.



Its seems appropriate that I met this Winter Native model at church.

She is a natural beauty and lovely from the inside out.










The Crowtons

I just moved back from the East Coast. I’m excited to be in Utah. I love the landscape here, especially the mountains. I am grateful I was able to document this family. They have alot of love. I hope you can feel that through the photos.